Tree of Life Approach in Leadership

Through ”Tree of life” holistic approach we want to help rising leaders to achieve real greatness and positively impact many people’s lives.

Roots:  nobody sees them but they give strength, stability, and nourishment to the whole tree.

           Why be a leader, Values, Nature or nurture.

Trunk: We need to become strong in order to carry the whole crown.

            Self-management, Influence, Leadership theory.

Branches:  Reaching out to others is essential for leadership so that we can create a vibrant team and make the impact in society

              Social skills, Leadership skills, Working with a group.

Leaves: they come and go like everything in life and we need to know how to prepare our self for those seasonal changes.

                Making ideas work, Dealing with change, Novelty in leadership

Fruits: are the product’s of a tree and on its qualities, we can judge the whole tree.

           Results, Examples, Seeds

We should understand that all of this parts are crucial for our leadership role. We don’t need to wait until we develop one of those aspects till perfection, we can work on them parallelly. However, we should be aware that tree starts to grow from its roots so we should not neglect to nourish it… likewise if we set our fundation in the right way we can build a strong house and minimize problems in future.