Scientist and business consultant

Sabina Morosini

University lecturer in Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, China Foreign Affairs in Bejing, Montenegro in Podgorica teaching Social Psychology, Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Cross Cultural Communication, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership. Her work at the University was tested in consulting and her skills were improved in Laboratory of Social Psychology. ​

Founder and president of O.A.ZA.

Filip Brničević

Founder and president of OAZA. His dream is to create and empower new generation of role model leaders. He is trying to achieve that by developing Trainings and Programs like Bridge to Success, Joyful leadership, Socially inspired Entrepreneurship for Youth, etc… He is also Developing Social Enterprises and different initiatives to empower Young people.​

Leadership Consultant & Trainer

Zoltan Hosszu

Zoltan Hosszu is one of those rare people who has extensive leadership experiences in non-profit, corporate, religious and governmental institutions. He is a consultant, a trainer and a speaker who has traveled to more than 15 countries, giving more than 500 speeches and conducting 150+ workshops.​