Are leaders born or made?

Leadership is a complex phenomenon with no easy answers to many questions about it. Here are some of such difficult questions to which today, fortunately, have a satisfying answer. Are leaders born or made? Does it make sense to teach or practice leadership if leaders are born?

If the leaders are born and only rise to occasions, then leadership training does not make any sense. One could not improve leadership ability. All that would be needed is to develop a good psychological test to detect born leaders. On the other hand, if leaders are made then we can take anyone and make a leader out of that person. Leadership seminars and courses would make sense.

The Question is: Are Leaders BORN or MADE?

Over a century of research based on so many leadership theories was able to prove a grain of truth in each one of them so we have entered the 21st century with an idea that there is some truth in both statements: “borne and made”.

Nonetheless, we were not sure about the ratio of genetics to the environment until the year 2005.

Richard Avery’s study (2005) found that 30 percent of leadership is based on genetics, whilst 70 percent is dependent upon the environment.

Therefore, to state it simply, leaders are 30 percent “born” and 70 percent “made”.

It is important to select future leaders based on personality and leadership potential and then help them to understand leadership, practice leadership and apply it in everyday life so as to become really influential leaders.

For every aspiring leader, the challenge is to identify their latent potential and then to develop their competencies through a learning process.
For many leaders who are taking the first steps on the leadership ladder, to discover their leadership personality can be a joyful journey of self-discovery.